Sound Journey with Krishangi Lila and Ganesh Ghanshyam

Samstag, 4. März 2023 von 16.00 bis 18.00 Uhr

Soundbath is an ancient sound healing practice where you are led into a meditative state by the use of different instruments, sound frequencies and rhythms. It brings you into a state of deep relaxation where the healing can take place and it is considered to be an effective tool to manage stress. . We start the journey with a guided meditation that allows you to become present in the moment and fall into a relaxed and meditative state. All you need is to lie down, follow your breath and allow your body to relax. Be open to receive the sounds and vibrations and fall into that state of silence inside you. The sounds will further guide your inner travel through different states of presence and may open up some deeply stored emotions in your body. Receive and listen. Observe the sensations rising in the body and let it go.

Join us for the full body listening experience with gongs, tibetan bowls, voice, harmonium, flutes monochord and many other instruments.

Soundbath is led by a sound artist Ganesha Ghanshyam and a singer and a voice healer Krishangi Lila who create a colourful journey through the landscape of music bringing together the angelic realms, shamanic vibes and multidimensional spheres.

The Sound Journey will last for two hours.

Who are we?

Krishangi Lila, originally from Estonia, is a devotional singer, sound and lightlanguage artist and a voice healer giving workshops, sound baths and concerts in different places in the world. Besides singing, she accompanies herself on harmonium, bansuri, setar and frame drum. Since 2014 she is engaged as a teacher of harmonium and vocals in Kirtan Course at Bhaktivedanta College, Radhadesh in Belgium.

Her musical compositions are deeply influenced by western medieval vibes, Indian ragas, nada yoga practices with flavours from shamanic and sufi practices and lemurian light language channelings. As a Lemurian Lightlanguage Healer she offers healing meditations with lemurian sounds and creates abstract paintings with lightlanguage writings.

For more information please visit www.krishangilila.com Instagram: @krishangilila, @lunalila_lightlanguage

Ganesh Ghanshyam is a yoga teacher, sound artist, massage therapist and spiritual healer from Germany. He originally found his way to spirituality through a long path of suffering which, after much self-exploration, led him to find his inner healer. Ultimately, he found his calling in helping people preventively and helping them regain their strength. As a passionate musician, always accompanied by sound, he quickly discovered his strength in sound healing. In the sound healing sessions he opens up a safe space to lead people into a deep trance with love. Ever since he was young, he has always been in bands, whether as a bass player in a punkrock band, drummer in a jazzband, keyboard player or house DJ and a music producer. During last few years he has found his way to mantra music and chanting through yoga practices.

Instagram: @yogi_ganesh_ghanshyam

Kosten: 30 €